About able studio

able studio_urban design laboratory 는 도심(urban area)속 ‘짓다’ 라는 건축행위에 대한 고민을 시작으로 2013년 설립되었다. able studio 건축사사무소는 형태 중심으로 거주문화에 대한 연구 및 재료와 구축에 대한 실험을 목표로 하고 있다. 또한 도시와 건축의 상호 연관성 및 건축행위의 공공성에 대한 분석을 토대로 urban design 활동을 기반으로 한다.

Director_June Ho Kim
graduated in Hanyang University, ERICA 2006 and later moved to Berlage Institute, Postgraduate Laboratory of Architecture, Rotterdam where he accomplished his diploma_Urban planning and Architectural Design. After his work experience in the Netherlands and Denmark for years, he set up the architectural company, able studio.

General Manager_Huida Jeong
started his architectural education in Hanyang University, ERICA, 2010 and later obtained M.Arch HYU(eldery welfare facility), 2012. Thoughtout his intensive practice in Architectural Design, he mainly aims to conduct researches on implanting a general culture in Architecture. All the way through, he joined able studio as co-founder, 2013.

Participants_Kyung Won Chung, Song Hee Kim, Jin woo Kim, Han Gyul Jeong, Ki Young Hwang, Hyo Young Song, Na Yong Kim, Kyu Hyun Choi, So Jin Kang, Jin-Hui Yeo, Hyeung Gun Moon, Taek Gon Kim, Jun Ho Kim(C), Hong In Kim, Nam Hyung Lee, Kyu Min Ko, Ji Hyun Lee, Jung Gon Jo, Gyu Ri Kim, Se Jin Park…..