Folly 2015

TYPE: International Competition
STATUS: Competition Entry
LOCATION: Long Island City, NY, US

Partner in Charge: June Ho Kim
Project Leader: Huida Jeong
Team: Jin-Hui Yeo, Gyu Hyun Choi


In general, a structure, which lends interest to a view within a public space, defines a gathering point interacted with visitors. In Socrates Sculpture Park regarded as a valuable boundary, the paper tube has deliberately considered in our suggestion as a main construction material to explore in a variety of operating in Paper tube forms and a material application itself in re-setting.


Within the given condition, a slightly different geographical isometry gives us a certain strategy to implant paper tubes for executing a ground reallocation. In process, several existing trees, as parts of guiding elements, are fully utilized to re-establish linear path for a pedestrian. The walkway is composed of mainly paper tubes, creating the suitable scenery around and diverse outdoor activities, well corresponded to anticipated programs; exhibition, bench, playground, and periscope for public uses.


The several advantages of paper tube construction are primarily considered in fitting the budget to manipulate the proposed project; lightweight, flexible for lining up, and environmental friendly.

The various circular cells, as platform, providing raised horizontal surface above the level of the surrounding in site, are directly projected into the site to loft the architectural elements up. This set-up allows us the idea of implanting the tube paper structure as the beginning of ground reallocation.

In proposal, the unique paper tube construction has been speculated in aligning the series of linear path made by the composition of cardboard cores(7ā€™), for vertical elements and cardboard cores (2.5ā€™), for a ground. Between certain points in Socrates Sculpture Park, it offers a pressure environment becoming wall cover, a ground platform to give certain atmospheric identity on walkway.

Depend on the height of paper tubes, a rhythmical fluctuation of the sectional adaptation diversifies view points between gaps from a unique waterfront park in the south west section of the site plan. It fosters walk-friendly and safe area, the valuable boundary, back to near residents and visitors beyond the isolated portion of Queens.